Hot Filipina Girls Who Rocks the Internet

Hot Filipina Girls

The popularity of Filipina girls grew when TV series like the Real Housewives of Manila became popular. There are also many women who became famous because of this show and they are Filipina. Aside from this, there are many Hollywood stars who have Filipino wives. There are some people who consider Filipino women as models, and they use them as an actor and actresses. Below you can see some of the hot Filipina women celebrities you may know and love to look at.   First is YouTube star and actor Zeinabellata who are well known in her YouTube videos. She has more than twelve million subscribers and she is the most watched YouTube channel in the world. You can see some pictures of her together with her husband here. She is a proud wife and mother who have a lot of followers on Instagram. She is also a model and you can see some of her photoshopped images on Instagram.   The second hot Filipino female celebrity you may want to know about is American actress and singer Avril Lavigne. She has several hit songs and became a popular singer and actress in the American music industry. She has many followers on Instagram and she was a guest in one of her American TV shows “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where she spoke about her relationship with her Filipino boyfriend. You can see some of the photos she posted on Instagram here. She is married and has a son.   Another famous Filipina female actor and singer are Nicole Kidman. You can see her engaging in several online conversations and she has thousands of followers on Instagram. Aside from acting, she has been nominated several times for the Best Actress in the Satellite TV Awards and she has also won several awards. She is a very popular personality on Instagram and her fans are posting pictures of her all the time. You can see some of her engagement photos on Instagram as well.   One hot Filipina female actor and singer are Alodia Gosiengfiao. You might have heard of her because of her popular telenovela series “Yata Pagoda.” She has several followers on Instagram and she has more love mails than people who she follows. She has two movies scheduled for release this year and her first movie was made in tears. She became an instant star in the Filipino industry after her first big break in Hollywood. She is now an actor and singer for most popular telenovelas in the Philippines.   A sexy, gorgeous Filipino actress by the name of Alodia Gosiengfiao also has thousands of followers on Instagram. You can see some of the photos Alodia uploaded on Instagram here. Alodia is another hot Filipina female celebrity that’s known for her acting skills. Alodia was in an English speaking soap opera called “Macabildo” in the early 2021’s. Since then she has gone on to bigger roles in movies and theater.   Another Filipina female actor and singer are Leny initially from the Philippines and now she is a singer and actresses in Hollywood. You can find her in the TV series “Leny Tonight with David Letterman.” She has been on more television shows where she is a guest than an in house actress. She has millions of followers on Instagram as well and she has a lot of fans there too.   Some other beautiful Filipina girls that make the cut in the top ten hot list are Alessandra Ambrosio and Alessandra Drazil. These two are joined by Aymenia Arsenio, whom you may have seen on TV shows like “Mano Noir.” They are joined by Aida Turturro, better known as Mommy Schemel on Law and Order. There are many more and you will find them on my website, along with my top ten favorites in the acting and singing categories.