Philipino Wives

It’s true that many marriages in the Philippines are doomed from the start, but what about those who wed Filipina women? These women often have a different perspective on life than do Western men. They tend to view marriage as an equal partnership and if they feel that they are treated differently by their husband, then they sometimes refuse to live with him. In the long run, it can be a different relationship all together.     It has been said that the Filipino woman is often more self-reliant than any other Asian wife. If a Filipina wife has a family, she looks to her parents for financial support. She is also likely to take care of the household, even when the husband is away. A Filipina’s loyalty is very strong and she will often stick by her husband no matter what.   On the other hand, an American or European husband is likely to pull in his spouse by providing for her, especially in times of need. He expects his wife to be docile and submissive. If she doesn’t work out the way he wants, he takes her for his toy. There are many cases of wives demanding certain conditions of their marriage, which are seldom met.   A Filipina wife is expected to be submissive, especially to her husband. It is the responsibility of the husband to ensure that his wife obeys his wishes and that she follows his lead in every decision. If the husband does not exert effort in keeping his wife happy, she is likely to seek someone else to fill in the role. This often happens within a marriage in which domestic issues are dealt with instead of focusing on building strong relationships. A husband who plays the game too safe may lose his wife to another man.   Filipina women are often attracted to men who are bold and adventurous. It takes some guts to enter into a marriage with a Filipina. A man must show his courage and be willing to risk exposing his true feelings for a woman who may be slightly out of his league. He should also be honest enough to let the woman know what he feels without holding back.   Marriage is not easy for any couple. Philipinos, being a culture from a foreign land, have a different perspective on love and marriage than Westerners do. Even so, the number of marriages ending in divorce because of philandering husbands has been on the rise recently.   It is a mistake to believe that all Filipina wives are virgins. Women marry young and, oftentimes, do not really know what love is until they are in a committed relationship with a man. A Filipina woman can be very loving and considerate but this does not mean that she believes her husband loves her. Love is something that becomes subjective. A true commitment between a man and a woman can only be expressed by words. Constant conversations and showing your wife you care about her is the best way to convey your love for her.   It is important for a philipino wife to feel as though her husband loves her and will always be there for her. This can only happen when your wife shows you her most beautiful side and you show your wife you love her. The more you express your love for her, the more she will feel accepted, loved and wanted. Marriage does not work in a vacuum. A good marriage starts with the love of both spouses.   Many women enter into marriage without the love of their lives. There is always some reason why a man decides to get married and it may not be the same reason that led him to marry the first time. Sometimes there is a death in the family and the loss of a loved one can change the man’s perception of marriage. Men and women enter into marriage with completely different ideas in their minds.   A woman who has had a difficult childhood and has gone through much hardship will likely feel less valued by her husband. Women who have suffered domestic violence will also feel less appreciated by their spouse. If your wife does not feel wanted or appreciated, it is likely that your marriage will not last. An appreciation for your wife can only be built upon acceptance of her as a person. When you tell your wife that you love her, you are giving yourself and your wife an enormous gift – an acceptance that you see in her, which allows you to love her as you do.   Philipino women take much more pride in their appearance than the average woman. This means that they spend hours in the makeup chair applying eye shadows and liner. Your wife is also likely to make sure that her clothes fit properly. The way a woman dresses can say quite a bit about her self-image. Many men marry from abroad in order to witness the culture that the Philippines brings to its people.